Email Burst Support


To get started with E-Mail Burst, you simply need to send us the message you wish to send, any supporting graphics that need to be included in your E-Mail, and one or more desired E-Mail Lists for us to add to our database. We do the rest!

E-Mail Burst will:

1. Maintain your E-Mail lists
2. Convert images to optimal JPG files
3. Resize the photos to fit the E-Burst
4. Optimize the "style" for the new E-burst
5. Optimize the HTML content of the E-Burst
6. Select each mailing list separately and initiate distribution to the recipients

Our E-Mail Burst support staff will work with you to fit the style of your E-Burst template to that matching your website or other promotional media that you desire.

Organize your E-Mail Addresses

With the unique importing process of E-Mail Burst, we can help you organize your e-mail addresses to "surgically target" discreet audiences for specific e-mail messages through Categorization.

For example, a company that sells to five (5) different types of customers (End Users, Dealers, Retailers, Distributors, and Manufacturers) might want to send each type of customer an e-mail message that is specific for their group. This is possible through E-Mail Burst!

The benefits of this approach include:

1. Each customer will only receive ONE (1) e-mail instead of FIVE (5) - four of which will not apply to him/her.
2. The customer is less likely to BLOCK your e-mails if receiving messages pertinent to him/her.
3. The messages can be crafted to preserve price breaks specific to that customer.

Click HERE to view the template to our unique approach of Categorization.